5 Reasons Why Social Media Advertising is Important for Your Business

Are you wondering how social media advertising can bring a significant number of customers to your business? It doesn’t matter whether you run a small local shop or a billion-dollar company, social media marketing and advertising will benefit you in ways that no other form of advertising does.

It is not only the most cost-effective form of marketing but the fact that your customer behavior is changing and now they are spending more time on their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media networks.

According to Statista, more than 3 billion people in the world are on social media platforms in 2020, and the number is only expected to increase in the future.

Your brand can now reach a wider audience within a small budget. But that is just one advantage of social media advertising among many others. Let’s take a look at the 5 major reasons why you should consider social media advertising for your business.

1. Grow your brand awareness

To attract more potential customers and then convert them, you need to first make them aware of your solution to their problems. You need to make them aware of your brand. The fastest and the most promising method to increase your brand awareness among a wider audience is via social media platforms.

You will be able to increase traffic to your website or your online store through social media. You will not only be able to attract single demography of people but by using different platforms with contextualized content, you will be able to reach different demographics in less duration of time.

If a lot of people start recognizing you as the best solution to their problems, they are more likely to buy from you even when they have got other options.

2. Increase your brand loyalty

If the customers are treated well and given more than what they expect from you, they will become more loyal to your brand. A business should focus on customer satisfaction to be in a position to keep serving them for a long time.

A very simple and effective technique to increase your brand loyalty among customers is, to keep them engaged with your brand over social media platforms.

You can do so by building a community of your existing customers and potential customers on social media platforms, where they can have discussions around the broad niche of your business and help each other to get things done. They can also share their stories of how they got benefited by using your products or services and they can also help other people in the community who could be facing problems that they can solve.

You, as a community leader and a brand, can keep engaging with your community on a deeper and more personalized level, which will ensure that you actually care about your audience and thereby increase your brand loyalty.

Your content on social media channels should encourage your potential customers to ‘like’ it and ‘comment’ on it. If your audience also shares your social media posts on their profiles or with their friends and family, then you’ve just leveled-up the game!

Keeping them engaged with your content and posts will not only ensure that they are becoming more aware of your brand, but they are also connecting with your brand and growing your brand loyalty in the long-run.

3. Increase the perceived value of your brand

Your brand’s actual value may differ from its perceived value. And often people pay the value that they perceive than the value they actually get.

This may seem like an uncomfortable fact to you as a customer, but if you think about products like luxury watches, bags, or clothes as some examples, you will realize that the actual usage/value of them is as similar as other ‘non-luxury’ options. But people who buy them, perceive a very high value of them in their subconscious mind.

That proves another fact that the prices of most of the products and services in the world are arbitrary. You can use this simple fact to your brand’s advantage by increasing that perceived value.

Marketing your products and services through ‘social media influencers’ will give your brand a whole new position in the minds of your potential customers and thus increases your brand’s perceived value.

4. Cost-effective mode of advertising

Social media advertising costs are wildly underrated. Compare the cost of running ads on social platforms like Facebook to bidding on keywords on google or digital banner ads or running an ad on television. You can also reach a greater number of audiences organically (for free).

Social media ads enable you to reach a wide audience with reasonable costs and also save you time. Social media ads will also give you the option to specifically target your buyer persona by allowing you the freedom to choose which gender, of what age group, residing in which part of the world to reach with your ads.

If you target people who might be already interested in what you have to offer, then they are far more likely to also buy your products and services. By hiring someone who can optimize ads to reach a larger number of targeted audiences, you will generate better results and boost your sales.

5. Get to know more about your customer on a deeper level

Social media will give you some insights and metrics about your audience that you can use to offer a more suitable product or service to them.

You can use those insights about your audience to create high-quality, interactive content that will make sure that you generate quality leads and increase your conversion rates too.

Through active social listening, you will be able to know exactly what problem your audience is facing and what are they expecting from you or your competitor brands, as a solution.

You can get to know your audience individually and communicate with them personally. The more personalized and humanized experience you provide to your audience, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Final Words

The number of hours, people use social media is increasing. The number of people using social media is also increasing. There is no reason you should ignore this fact that can help you to grow your business.

Being an early mover and adapting to these changes in the digital marketing industry and changes in customer behavior too, can benefit you disproportionately when compared to other forms of promoting your business.

Reaching a greater number of audience, targeting and re-targeting them with your ads, providing more personalized and relevant content, interacting and connecting with your customers on a deeper level and ensuring customer satisfaction, becoming a personal brand, and increasing social media rankings, are enough reasons for you to consider social media advertising and marketing for your business growth.

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