How To Get More Customers In Your Sales Pipeline?

The primary goal of a business is to increase its revenue by increasing sales. Sales can be increased if the number of people at the top of the sales funnel or the people entering the sales pipeline is more. So how can you get more customers in your sales pipeline? 

Sales is closely related to the number of leads you generate for your business. It’s simple math – a larger number of prospective customers equals higher conversions eventually. Every business needs to focus on generating more leads to increase its sales pipeline. 

Follow these 5 simple step-by-step processes to skyrocket your revenue by growing your sales pipeline. 

1. Get more people interested in your business/products

It is easier to convert people who are already interested in your business or products into paying customers than it is to convert cold leads. But it is hard to find people who could be interested in what you have to offer already. 

So what can you do about it? The answer to that is simple – you turn the cold leads warm by nurturing them throughout the process of converting them. 

If you can’t find people who are looking for the kind of products and services you offer, then you reverse engineer the process and let your customers find you whenever they need you. 

How will you do it? Please read further steps.

2. Create a lead magnet

To capture more cold leads and turn them warm, you need to have a strong lead magnet that attracts them to your sales pipeline. 

Offer something relevant to your business or products for free (an ebook/a guide/ a free webinar/an online course, etc) and collect basic customer information like their name and email address. 

Get them to subscribe to your email newsletters and blogs (by the following step) when offering a free digital product. In that way, you’ve now got permission to send promotional offers of your products too. Use email drip campaigns to engage with them for a long period of time and nurture them with valuable, quality content, and blogs. 

3. Create a landing page to capture cold leads

Now that you’ve created a lead magnet that attracts people who could be interested in your products in the long-run, to actually capture those leads you should be having a landing page. 

A landing page is a dedicated web page that talks only about a specific product or service you offer and collects customer information or directly drives sales. 

To collect customer information, offer the free stuff you created as a lead magnet on your landing page. Everybody likes free stuff. So nobody will deny exchanging their email address and name for a resource that they need. 

4. Promote your landing page

Simply having your landing page published on the internet is not enough to drive more people to it and increase your sales pipeline. You need to actively promote it to the relevant audience. 

Ways to promote your landing page are –

  • Make it SEO friendly
  • Run Search Engine Ads (Google ads is most popular)
  • Run Social Media Ads (Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, etc)
  • Word of mouth (via existing customers)

5. Allow existing customers to bring new customers

But how? It’s pretty simple but mostly ignored by many businesses – create an affiliate program. 

Word of mouth is regarded as the most effective way to not only increase sales but also boost brand awareness. Yet so many businesses out there are not encouraging their existing loyal customers to spread the positive words for your business and bring new customers. 

You might be thinking how can you encourage your most loyal customers to bring new customers? How can you make someone go ask their friends, family, and followers on social media to buy from you? 

The answer is – you reward both of them accordingly. Your customers who bring new customers will get a part of the money earned by you as their commission. And the new customer will get a discount on his/her first purchase. 

It’s like creating a winning opportunity for all. 


These simple steps will make sure that you grow your sales pipeline exponentially in considerably less amount of time. You can keep engaging with the new prospects who have entered your sales pipeline and follow-up with them regularly to ensure that they don’t abandon your website without transacting with you. But you should do it only after nurturing them with your free content over a long period of time.